Meet The Psychiatrists

Dr Laura Cooney

Dr Laura Cooney has extensive experience in assessing and treating patients in her specialty of Psychiatry and maintains an active clinical practice in general adult and older adolescent psychiatry. She has received further specialised training in anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and mother-baby psychiatry. Her areas of interest include: Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Acute and Post-traumatic Stress Disorders, Pharmacotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, other psychotherapies, Lifestyle Medicine, and other evidence-based treatments.

Dr Laura Cooney has extensive experience in conducting medicolegal assessments and writing reports since 2005, including impairment examinations, assessing liability, Wrongs Act assessments, assessing work capacity, assessing victims of crime, and advising on treatment.

Dr Cooney presides on Medical Panel tribunals weekly on average, examining workers, plaintiffs and claimants and providing opinions regarding disputes that arise through Wrongs Act and WorkCover legal processes. She also presides alongside a Child Psychiatrist examining child and adolescent Wrongs Act cases.

Dr. Cooney has completed training in the use of American Medical Association Guides to assessment of Impairment, 4th Edition. She has completed training in the use of GEPIC. She is an accepted Section 112 examiner for the Victorian Workcover Authority and Transport Accident Commission.






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